Monday, 27 January 2014

A blue skittle

The blog name suggest a plethora of blue nail polish waiting to happen, and seeing that my first post was nowhere near that end of the colour spectrum, I felt like I had to ovecompensate. Hence, 4 blue nail polishes! Technicaly, 5 but my thumb had a serious nail break and I'm not showing it to anyone.

Today I'm wearing a pale blue, wintery skittle with 4 different brands of crème polishes.

Wintery skittle manicure, with a Tiger 62 bottle.

From left to right you can see:
  • Color Club Evolution (part of the Kaleidoscope collection)
  • Nails Inc York Street
  • Tiger Color Cosmetic in 62
  • Barry M Cyan

Skittle with Color Club Evolution, Nails Inc York Street, Tiger 62 and BarryM Cyan, all with a coat of Seche Vite on top.

All the polishes required 2 coats, although if I weren't taking any photographs, I would have probably left Barry M Cyan with one coat. It's that perfect.

Color Club Evolution is a very pretty, slightly warm toned, pale powdery blue. It's also very hard to apply - it's gloopy and hard to steer. Good thing it cleans up easily.

Nails Inc York Street is slightly less saturated, and slightly cooler toned than Evolution. I had a very hard time capturing the subtle difference between these two, and I would say that you don't need them both. York Street applies much better, even with the mini brush. I got this colour for my birthday, and I had to use it!

Tiger Color Cosmetic in 62 is the budget brand. Tiger store is like a cheap Ikea, and we have one in Edinburgh St James shopping centre. They have a lot of Scandinavian named items, and some cosmetics to boot. The nail polish selection has around 20 shades, and they are all £1 for 11ml. What do you get for this price? The brush is actually very nice - flattened and easy to handle. The polish itself has a very weird smell, not like anything I've encountered before, and decidedly unpleasant. It covered in two coats, with the first one being very patchy, and the second one offering full coverage. It's not self-leveling at all, so it requires careful application. Finally, the drying time for this one is very long. Even with a coat of Seche it takes a while to be budge-proof. The colour itself is lovely - a more saturated and bright cousin of the previous two, but again, the difference is subtle. If you're looking for a cheap light blue, there are worse choices to make.

Finally, BarryM Cyan - intense medium blue, saturated and glossy on its own. It stands out as the darkest and most vivid of these, but I ran out of really pale blue colours to show, and I thought it would be an easy comparison point for the others. I am very impressed with this polish - it goes on like a dream and with careful application can cover in one coat.

My rightly unseen thumb is sporting a coat of Orly Snowflake, which is a purple-toned light blue, pretty much a cornflower shade.


  1. I am loving all the blue, I'll definitely being reading a lot more if it's navy related!

    1. Thank you! I am incredibly drawn to all blue and green polishes, and I have many of those to show.

  2. Being nosey I just tried to view your 260 polishes but it won't allow me to see the document! Not sure if you have GFC but can'r see it on my phone. Will follow on Feedly :)

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I forgot to set the spreadsheet for sharing access - it should be visible now.


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