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My name is Ivy, and I am a nail polish 'addict'... umm... aficionado? My adventure started in 2012 with four bottles of nail polish I got for my birthday. I started looking online for information on how to paint my nails properly, how to avoid chipping... and after a few days of research I was hooked. Now, I have my collection categorised in a spreadsheet, and I'm trying hard not to count (money or polishes!) - have a look at the 'Stash' tab if you want :)

This blog was started in January 2014, when I decided my skills (and camera) were good enough to show to the world. Oh, how all the awesome challenges have proven me wrong! But I am learning, and having fun and that's what this is about.

A few things about me - I'm 31, I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, I work in academia, I am a massive geek. My favourite polish colours are blue and green, but since I've really gotten into nail art, I am learning to appreciate all colours. Except baby pink. I love a good crème, but my kryptonite are complex shimmers and holos. And thermals too. Sheesh. I'm very particular about my glitters, and wish there were more matte or satin ones available in the UK. I hunt for bargains in Poundland, TK Max and in online outlets, but if I see a gorgeous indie I will sacrifice some money to get it.

I'm super happy to talk about nails, designs and blogging woes, so just drop me an email or message me on FB if you want to chat!

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