Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tri-Polish Challenge - April week 1

This month's Tri-Polish challenge brings us new colours - blue, yellow and pink. It's such a summery combination! Blue sunny skies and pink flowers, that's what I'm thinking. This week I went for something simpler, and returned to my staple technique - dotting.

Polishes used: Nails Inc Sumner Place, Orly Snowcone and Ciate Candy Floss
For this manicure I started with a base of the pale yellow Sumner Place, which is one of the few yellows I can deal with applying. I then took my largest dotting tool and added semi-random dots of the blue Snowcone close to the free edge, and some smaller ones closer to the nail bed.I then did the same thing using the pink Candy Floss, filling in the gaps I left. Once everything was dry, I used a coat of Seche Vite to keep it all safe.

Summery dotticure - looks like bubbles!

This was a super-easy manicure, and I must say the effect is so much better than I had expected. I was a bit stumped for this challenge, but I guess dots are always the answer to everything :D

Polishes I used:
  • Nails Inc Sumner Place - pale yellow crème, opaque in 2-3 medium coats. It's quite manageable for a yellow polish, it's a bit streaky in the first two coats, but the third one fixes most of the problems. I wouldn't wear yellow as a main colour, but it's actually pretty sweet as a base for nail art.
  • Orly Snowcone- dusty pale blue crème that leans a bit towards the periwinkle side of blue. Nicely opaque and super easy to apply, on its own it's nearly a one coater. What a gorgeous colour!
  • Ciate Candy Floss - pastel pink crème with a touch of dustiness. Like all my Ciate crèmes, it's a treat to apply, and would be opaque in two easy coats.

Thanks for looking, and  check out other challenge manicures below!


  1. For all my love of dotting, I have never tried this and it loos amazing! fab colour choices.

  2. This is a really cute looking dotticure <3 I love it

  3. I go for dots as well if I am stuck for ideas! The colours are very Eastery x


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