Sunday, 20 April 2014

FingerFood's Theme Weeks - Gothic

Another week, another FingerFood theme! This is a manicure that I did, photographed, removed, thought it was ugly... but when I came back to the photos now, I actually like it! Which is good, since I don't have time to do any other manicure for this challenge!

Polishes used: Nails Inc Little Chester Street, Maybelline Woven Skyline, OPI Off With Her Red, Jess Rock Chick, China Glaze Ravishing, Dahling, Color Club Red Velvet, Nails Inc Burton Mews and Barry M Superdrug LE2013.

As you can see I went overboard with the number of polishes used - and because of my limited time, I can't really explain in detail how I did it.

Gothic manicure - roses, jelly and glitter!

I basically used the different glitters, and the red jelly to create the plainer nails, and painted roses on the middle finger with an assortment of red and green polishes.

Glitter under jelly is one of my favourite things.
Thanks for looking, and check out other manicures below!


  1. I love your roses and the other colors match so well for this look xx

  2. Love your roses and the mix of glitters and jelly. The red looks great with the black, too. It's definitely a gothic look that works as a non-goth look, too!


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