Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge - Glitter and Pastel

I like challenges - they make me think outside the box, and help me with posting regularly. Recently, I came across a challenge that is based on using untried polishes from my stash, and I thought it's the perfect challenge for me. While my stash is not as massive as some, I do have a fair share of polishes I just had to buy, but didn't have the time or inspiration to use.

I only came across this yesterday, so in today's post I am combining the first two prompts into a simple manicure. I started by picking out a pastel I bought two months ago, but didn't use yet - Sally Hansen Palm Treat.

Sally Hansen Palm Treat, no topcoat.
It's a very pretty pale green with no hints of blue - I have many mint polishes, but this one is unique! It's also super easy to apply and fully opaque in two coats. I then topped it off with a glitter I bought a few months ago and again, haven't even swatched on a stick: Maybelline White Splash.

Maybelline Street Artist White Splash
White splash is a mix of matte white and metallic blue, green and purple glitter in hexes and bars. The bars are very long, and I don't really like them very much, but the overall effect on the green background is very pretty - makes me think of spring. The sky was overcast when I was taking the photos, so they don't really show off how bright the combination really is.

Thanks for looking, and check out other manicures in the challenge below!

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