Thursday, 3 April 2014

Golden Oldies Thursday - Pastels

I seem to be perpetually stumped for GOT challenges - it might be because my old polishes are often boring! This week's prompt was also difficult - I used to hate pastel colours, and never bought them until quite late in my collecting career. Hence, I only had one candidate for this manicure - Sally Hansen Loyal Lavender.

Polishes used: Sally Hansen Loyal Lavender and OPI Alpine Snow, stamped with MoYou London Sailor 06

Do you know those bad hair days, where no matter what you do your hair looks horrid? I was definitely having a bad nail day when I took this - the stamping was muddled, the base had shrunk and my cuticles suddenly dried up like the Sahara. And yet, here it is - my first effort at stamping with a white nail polish. I promise, the next manicure will be much nicer :)

 Polishes used: 
  • Sally Hansen Loyal Lavender - a pale lavender base with an intense violet shimmer. It's lovely on the nail, and applies like a dream in two easy coats. Quite an achievement for a pastel!
  • OPI Alpine Snow - a white crème polish, and in my hands, not ideal for stamping with. It's great for other nail art purposes though!

Thanks for looking, and check out other GOT manicures below!


  1. I don't think the stamping is muddled at all! It looks great :)x

    1. Thanks! It actually looked really nice from a distance, but the close-ups were sad 0 that's why there's only one photo :D


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