Thursday, 10 April 2014

FingerFood's Theme Weeks - Delicious!

I've had this manicure ready for a while now, but I just couldn't find the time to edit the photos and write the post. But finally, here it is!

Polishes used: OPI Off With Her Red and NYC High Line Green
I had actually proposed the 'Delicious' theme myself, but when it came to it, I had to really think about what I could do with my nails. Pie? Chocolate drips? Cupcakes? In the end, I went with a simple yet genius technique developed by Chalkboard Nails - embossing dimples in the still plastic nail varnish to create a 'perforated' effect. And what else is dimpled like that? Strawberries!

Strawberry nails
I started with two thick layers of OPI Off With Her Red, and the quickly added a generous layer of Color Club quick drying top coat.  When this was touch-dry (but still squishy underneath), I used a small dotting tool to impress the tiny dimples into the polish. I found that I had to go over some spots, since the polish would rebound - but overall this was a super easy process!

Delicious strawberry nails - nom!
After the red part was dry, I used a thin detailing brush to pain the green leaves with NYC High Line Green. I didn't worry about getting them accurate - just that they look cute. Overall, this was such a fun manicure to do - simple and super effective!

Thanks for looking, and check out other delicious manicures below!


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