Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tri-Polish Challenge April week 4!

Is this the final week of April? It seems that this month we will have 5 manicures, as the next Tuesday is still the 29th of April! Luckily I am liking this month's colour set :)

Polishes used: Wibo Baltic Sand 03, Spoiled Designated Driver and Spoiled Fuzzy Dice.
This time, I went with a gradient manicure for a change. I had picked up the two Spoiled polishes for a pound in Poundland, and they were just perfect for the job. I initially tried to add some blue glitter as an accent, but that looked horrible, so I just slapped on some textured polish and called it a day. Busy times!

Tropical gradient, and a textured blue sky - all that's missing are palm trees!
I started with three coats of Designated Driver - a  gorgeous warm yellow polish. It went on like a dream - no streaking, no patchiness, and completely glossy and self-leveling. The best 50p ever spent! I then sponged the pink Fuzzy Dice onto the tips, trying for a smooth gradient effect. I rarely go for such contrasting gradients, and I never mix polishes before painting them onto the sponge, so my success was limited. Nonetheless, it looked amazing from a distance of more than 50cm, so I call it a win.

Wibo Baltic Sand 03 is a Polish polish (hah!) that I brought back from my visit there, and it's one of the prettiest textures I own. It teeters on the line between blue and aqua, and is full of silver shimmer and glitter. The shade itself should have probably been a bit more saturated to pass for a tropical lagoon, but it still matched the gradient quite well. All in all, it was a pleasant return to gradients!

Thanks for looking, and check out other manicures below!

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