Monday, 14 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge - Frost

This was a proper challenge prompt - I hate frosty polishes. I can deal with some brush-strokes, but the true frosty look is awful. Hence, it took me a while to figure out what atrocious polishes I own, and then what to do with them. In the end, I chickened out and used a technique that eliminates the frostiness altogether :D

Polishes used: Revlon Varnished, Orly Shimmering Mauve and Color Club Masquerading.
I started with two coats of the fairly frosty Color Club Masquerading. Once that was dry, I used a small piece of a make-up sponge to add random bits of Revlon Varnished. Alone, and applied with a brush Varnished is probably the king of awful polished - runny, incredibly brush-strokey and with a tendency to separate even in the brush!

Distressed sponged nails - a much better use of frosty nail polish!
Once that was dry, I added blobs of Orly Shimmering Mauve, which alone is ugly and frosty. Here it imitated rust pretty well. Finally, I went over it with some more Masquerading to darken the areas I was too heavy with the sponging. Once everything was dry, I secured it all with Seche Vite.

Metal, rust and dirt
This manicure took 10 minutes to do, and I got quite a few compliments for it. And during it, I learned that the two polishes I really hated - Varnished and Shimmering Mauve are actually pretty OK when sponged on. So if you have a frosty polish just grab that sponge and see if you can turn it into a beauty!

Thanks for looking and check out other manicures below!


  1. This is SUCH a good idea for frosty polishes... I'm kind of "meh" about brushstrokes. They don't bother me that much, but they're not exactly the look I am going for. THIS, however, is awesome. I'm trying this for my next mani.

    1. Thanks! I love sponging - it's so simple and versatile!


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