Saturday, 26 April 2014

The NPC - Had to have it...

I am late again - but I am so happy with what I have on my nails right now! I bought Gravity a few months ago, but because I also snatched a bottle of Aurora, I hadn't worn Gravity yet. So, for this manicure I went with it - but instead of layering it over black (as I did on my swatch stick), I went with a dark purple base. The effect is interesting, although I have to say the multi-chrome pops better over black. In future, I think I will try it over green just to see how it works!

Picture Polish Gravity with Stargazer 232 stamping, using Vivid Lacquer plates
I used two coats over a coat of Misa Sorry Just Can't Help It, sealed it with Butter London Hardwear top coat (which is seriously amazing!) and once everything was dry, I stamped the moon and the bats with my favourite Stargazer 232 silver foil. The plate I used was Vivid Lacquer VL-013.

A starry sky just after sunset, a full moon and some bats - just screams spring, right?
I really love how Gravity looks just like the night sky.

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge - Boutique

Oh man, I am late with this one! And only one photo - but life is super hectic now, and I barely have time to paint my nails, let alone photograph, process and write about them!

Butter London No More Waity, Katie and Born Pretty Store water decals
I don't own many boutique polishes - and they are all from TK Max! This is a fairly recent addition that I hunter there, along with a top coat and base coat set. I must say the Nail Foundation is amazing, and so is the Hardwear top coat. The polish itself was opaque in two coats, and is a combination of two shades I like - taupe base and lavender glitter. To make it more interesting, I used feather water decals for Born Pretty Store. They were an absolute breeze to use - cut out, drop in some water, slide off the paper and onto the nail, pat dry and top coat! I will definitely be using decals more often.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tri-Polish Challenge April week 4!

Is this the final week of April? It seems that this month we will have 5 manicures, as the next Tuesday is still the 29th of April! Luckily I am liking this month's colour set :)

Polishes used: Wibo Baltic Sand 03, Spoiled Designated Driver and Spoiled Fuzzy Dice.
This time, I went with a gradient manicure for a change. I had picked up the two Spoiled polishes for a pound in Poundland, and they were just perfect for the job. I initially tried to add some blue glitter as an accent, but that looked horrible, so I just slapped on some textured polish and called it a day. Busy times!

Tropical gradient, and a textured blue sky - all that's missing are palm trees!
I started with three coats of Designated Driver - a  gorgeous warm yellow polish. It went on like a dream - no streaking, no patchiness, and completely glossy and self-leveling. The best 50p ever spent! I then sponged the pink Fuzzy Dice onto the tips, trying for a smooth gradient effect. I rarely go for such contrasting gradients, and I never mix polishes before painting them onto the sponge, so my success was limited. Nonetheless, it looked amazing from a distance of more than 50cm, so I call it a win.

Wibo Baltic Sand 03 is a Polish polish (hah!) that I brought back from my visit there, and it's one of the prettiest textures I own. It teeters on the line between blue and aqua, and is full of silver shimmer and glitter. The shade itself should have probably been a bit more saturated to pass for a tropical lagoon, but it still matched the gradient quite well. All in all, it was a pleasant return to gradients!

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

FingerFood's Theme Weeks - Gothic

Another week, another FingerFood theme! This is a manicure that I did, photographed, removed, thought it was ugly... but when I came back to the photos now, I actually like it! Which is good, since I don't have time to do any other manicure for this challenge!

Polishes used: Nails Inc Little Chester Street, Maybelline Woven Skyline, OPI Off With Her Red, Jess Rock Chick, China Glaze Ravishing, Dahling, Color Club Red Velvet, Nails Inc Burton Mews and Barry M Superdrug LE2013.

As you can see I went overboard with the number of polishes used - and because of my limited time, I can't really explain in detail how I did it.

Gothic manicure - roses, jelly and glitter!

I basically used the different glitters, and the red jelly to create the plainer nails, and painted roses on the middle finger with an assortment of red and green polishes.

Glitter under jelly is one of my favourite things.
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Friday, 18 April 2014

Neverending Pile Challenge - Indie

Due to a super busy schedule, I am cutting down on the amount of text - let the image(s) so the talking!

I had a candidate for the Indie prompt for a while - I got a bottle of Polish Me Silly Chill Out a while back, but since I had bought it alongside Picture Polish Aurora, it was just sitting in the drawer, sulking. Well, sulk no more!

Polish Me Silly Chill Out over Misa I Will Survive
To do some nail art for this post, I started with a coat of my favourite black - Misa I will Survive, and then sponged on the duochrome polish on the tips. The full accent nail has also been sponged on, as I found it helps with all brush strokes (not that it's frosty, but I already had it on the sponge...). I tried for a while, but just couldn't capture how Chill Out shifts - it goes from teal to sky blue to purple and pink, and at certain angles comes alive with red sparkles!

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge - Jelly

I had to really dig into my coffers before I found a handful of jellies - but in the end I settled on a gorgeous purple beauty that I'd never worn before!

Polishes used: Color Club Savoy Nights and Revlon Grape Fizz
I picked up Grape Fizz from a bargain store, and while I'd tried it out on a swatch stick, and on paper, I'd never worn this glass-flecked jelly. Alone, it's very sheer, and would probably take 4 coats to be opaque - but that's what makes it perfect for sandwiches! It also smells of artificial grapes - honestly it's a bit too sweet for me :D

Grape Fizz Jelly glitter sandwich
I paired the jelly with an untried silvery-blue glitter from Color Club - Savoy Nights. It's a full coverage glitter with large and tiny silver-blue hexes in a lightly tinted base - and here you see a single coat of it! I applied a coat of Grape Fizz, a coat of Savoy Nights and then two coats of Grape Fizz again.

Fizzy and delicious?
I have to admit I love the depth the purple jelly gives to this glitter. I was not really fond of Savoy Nights, but this has been a lovely manicure to wear. And that's two untrieds vanquished!

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