Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge - Jelly

I had to really dig into my coffers before I found a handful of jellies - but in the end I settled on a gorgeous purple beauty that I'd never worn before!

Polishes used: Color Club Savoy Nights and Revlon Grape Fizz
I picked up Grape Fizz from a bargain store, and while I'd tried it out on a swatch stick, and on paper, I'd never worn this glass-flecked jelly. Alone, it's very sheer, and would probably take 4 coats to be opaque - but that's what makes it perfect for sandwiches! It also smells of artificial grapes - honestly it's a bit too sweet for me :D

Grape Fizz Jelly glitter sandwich
I paired the jelly with an untried silvery-blue glitter from Color Club - Savoy Nights. It's a full coverage glitter with large and tiny silver-blue hexes in a lightly tinted base - and here you see a single coat of it! I applied a coat of Grape Fizz, a coat of Savoy Nights and then two coats of Grape Fizz again.

Fizzy and delicious?
I have to admit I love the depth the purple jelly gives to this glitter. I was not really fond of Savoy Nights, but this has been a lovely manicure to wear. And that's two untrieds vanquished!

Thanks for looking, and check out other jellies below!

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