Saturday, 25 January 2014

Newbie nail blog

Yes, it's another newbie nail blog.

There are hundreds of those, and dozens of professional blogs as well - so what am I doing here, trying to add another blurry image of my claws to the internet?

I guess I just want to document what has become my hobby, and which started with a bottle of cheap blue nail polish in late 2012. A year later I own 260 bottles of polish. I am trying to learn new nail art techniques - and what better way to keep myself motivated and connected than have a blog about it?

What can you expect here? I am based in the UK, so this already sets a limit on the types of polish I will be showcasing. I love the posh, pricey varnish like everyone else, but I also have a substantial stash of cheap drug-store or discount store polishes that are rarely swatched at all. So I will be chronicling my nail art, and my adventures with what I find in Poundland or B&M. Hopefully, it's a niche I can fit into!

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  1. Wow that's a lot of nail polishes!!! I'll be looking forward to the high street polishes. :)


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