Thursday, 20 February 2014

Dance Legend Thermo 175 Swatches

I recently got a few gorgeous polishes from Rainbow Connection, including two absolutely amazing thermals from Dance Legend. I love thermals - it's like wearing two nail polishes at the same time, with accidental, ever changing nail art! The Dance Legend Thermal I'll be showing you today is the 175 (I'm so sad they don't have proper names) - a shimmery purple to pink polish.

 In it's cold state, it's a magnificent plum purple with gold and pink shimmer. It's absolutely unbelievable - it's lit from within, complex, gorgeous and I may run out of adjectives here. I would wear it even without the thermal effect.

Dance Legend Thermo 175 with top coat - cold state
When it warms up, Thermo 175 shifts into a bright warm pink with the same gorgeous shimmer as the cold state had. It's stunning, and despite my lack of love for pink, even I have to say I dig it.

Dance Legend Thermo 175 with top coat - warm state
The real fun starts when your nails have a temperature gradient to them - something my nails, with their short nail beds and lots of free hanging nail do very well.

Dance Legend Thermo 175 with top coat - gradient effect
This is the world's most effortless gradient manicure, and how my hands looked like when they were warming up. The gradual shift is beautiful, and so watchable!

Dance Legend Thermo 175 with top coat - gradient effect
I may have taken way too many photos of this polish, but I just couldn't resist.

Dance Legend Thermo 175 with top coat - warm nails, cold tips
Finally, you can see how reactive the polish is - my warm hands were touching the cool bottle, and that part of the nails shifted to purple. When I was washing my hands, single drops of cool or warm water would cause small circular shift areas. It's hypnotising!

The application was a breeze - two coats achieved complete opacity, and the wide Dance Legend brush was amazingly easy to use. I had barely any clean up at all. The polish dries to an odd matte finish that dulls the shimmer, so topcoat is recommended - I used Seche Vite.

Overall, it's an amazing thermal polish, and I would definitely recommend it.
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