Saturday, 8 February 2014

Saturday swatches - Jess glitters

I'm getting into the swatching rhythm - put on a podcasts, grab the polishes I want to show off and start painting! I still need to figure out a way to make sure my cuticles don't suffer throughout the constant acetone assault. Today, I'd like to show off a range of glitters from a brand called Jess. It's available in the UK at Poundland stores - they even have their own rack! As the retail place suggests, they are £1 per 9ml bottle, which is amazing value. The glitter range is pretty impressive - they have the basic gold, silver, holo and a variety of coloured ones.

A few general notes about the polishes as a group: They are all smelly, in the usual cheap nail polish way. They are goopy, but not overly so, and the glitter payoff is really great on each bottle. Sometimes a bit of dabbing is needed, especially if the larger glitters are concerned, but overall the application of these is painless. The brush is a standard round one - nothing bad, but also nothing worth writing home about.

So, let's get the swatches started.

First off, Jess Poppy - a pretty raspberry red microglitter in a clear base, with some lighter pink and holographic glitters mixed in.

Jess Poppy - one coat over Tiger 04, daylight
This polish was very camera-shy, and I couldn't really capture how sparkly it is. Perhaps I should have layered it over a more contrasting polish - I'm sure it would look amazing over black.

Jess Poppy - one coat over Tiger 04

The next polish is Jess Disco Diva. It's a mix of small hex lavender and pale blue glitters, with some large iridescent, holographic and lavender glitters thrown in. It's surprisingly complex, and very much cool toned.

Jess Disco Diva - one coat over NYC Wild With Passion
I layered it over a saturated berry purple, and it looked fab. I think it would also work very well with blue, black and pastel shades. The image below shows just how lovely the holographic sparkle is on this one.

Jess Disco Diva - one coat over NYC Wild With Passion. The sparkle!

Jess Bling is a mix of tiny green, gold and holographic glitters, with some large green hexes thrown in. Three glitter sizes, and a lot of large hexes give it a fair bit of coverage - I guess this one could be fine on it's own with 3 coats.

Jess Bling - one coat over Rimmel Sage Green
I layered it over a muted sage green, and it definitely blinged it up. I love greens, but for some reason I can't really bring myself to love this one, or at least not as a full mani. Weird.

Jess Bling - one coat over Rimmel Sage Green

Now we are getting to my two favourites. Jess Rock Chick is a complex mix of tiny red, black, silver and holographic glitters.I layered it over a pink foil, and it instantly brought it from flirty to edgy.

Jess Rock Chick - one coat over Body Collection Iced Violet
It's awesome - very sparkly, but not overly girly. Rock Chick is an apt name, and I can definitely see myself using it a lot in the future. Just look at the sparkle, and the complexity of this one. I also love how it's made up of really small glitters, and there's no fishing or dabbing needed.

Jess Rock Chick - one coat over Body Collection Iced Violet

Finally, my personal winner. It's Jess Ibiza - a mix of small blue, silver and holographic glitters in a clear base. It shines, it sparkles, and the blue is the most perfect deep blue sky ever.

Jess Ibiza - one coat over Jess Joy
I layered it over an icy blue foil, and it worked marvellously. This one seemed to have the strongest holographic sparkle, and the warm colours of the sparks contrast so well with the blue glitter. Just look at how it shines in normal daylight!

Jess Ibiza - one coat over Jess Joy

Overall, all of these glitters are great. None of the large hexes suffere from taco curving, although it wasn't exactly easy to get an even spread of them. The tiny glitters are excellent, and the addition of holographic sparkle to each polish elevates it from OK to a firm wow in my opinion. Definitely a quid well spent.

Thanks for reading!

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