Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tri-Polish Tuesdays - February round two!

Polishes used: Bella Pierre Pink Cadillac, OPI You Don't Know Jacques and Essence Here's My Number

The Tri-Polish Tuesdays is a weekly challenge that requires the use of three set polish colours throughout one month. With a limited colour palette, you have to get creative. This month is all about pink, grey and brown and since we're allowed to change polishes between weeks, I picked out three new bottles to show off. Last week my nails were about contrasts, this week they are much more subdued.

Tri-Polish Skittlette, and a bottle of Bella Pierre Pink Cadillac
I used Essence Here's My Number as the framing colour on my index and pinky fingers, and painted the middle and ring fingers with OPI You Don't Know Jacques. Then I sponged a glitter gradient on the middle finger with Bella Pierre Pink Cadillac, and used striping tape and layered the rough Essence Here's My Number on top of the brown on my ring finger.

Tri-Polish Skittlette - much sparkle.
The effect is at the same time subdued, and sparkly - almost classy! I really love the contrast of texture between the rough Here's My Number and smooth You Don't Know Jacques. Although, next time I would probably layer the grey over pink for a better visibility of the stripes.

Tri-Polish Skittlette in daylight.

Polishes I used:
  • Bella Pierre Pink Cadillac - a mix of pale pink, silver and deeper pink glitters in two sizes, in a clear base. I bought it in a set in TK Max, and didn't use it much - but it turns out to be absolutely perfect for glitter gradients.
  • OPI You Don't Know Jacques - gorgeous taupe that I insist counts as brown for this challenge. Two easy coats, excellent application and the perfect background for the pink glitter.
  • Essence Here's My Number - a liquid sand type polish, with a gunmetal grey base and a smattering of holographic glitter which sparkles in every colour of the rainbow. Two coats for full coverage (one thick for striping). This polish is pleasantly textured - no sandpaper feel, or snagging here - and very pretty.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Ohhh... very much like. I love how the brown and grey don't clash each other AT ALL, and then that pink gradient just pops while still feeling like it's a part of the whole look. Great job!

  2. pretty colors :)



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