Friday, 28 February 2014

Golden Oldies Thursday - Belated orange nails

I haven't so far participated much in the GOT challenge, because I am a fairly new lacquer maniac, and I don't really have that many old polishes. But this week the orange prompt came up and I realised I may have just the right polishes for the task. I didn't get to photograph this until today, but I was wearing this manicure on Thursday, so it totally counts :D

Golden Oldies challenge - Orly Old School Orange and Sleek Rust 37
Orly Old School Orange was one of the first polishes I obtained from ebay back in March 2013. It's been sitting in my stash unused since then - I'm not a huge fan or orange polish, as it makes my skin look weirdly dirty. The dots are made with one of my first Poundland polishes, Rust 37 by Sleek. The whole look is finished with Orly Matte Top.

Orange dot manicure.
I had to colour correct the pictures, since my camera insisted the polish was more yellow than it really was, so I had to add more red - but it's still not 100% accurate. Surprisingly, I like this manicure in these photos much more than I do on my nails. Weird.

Polishes I used:
  • Orly Old School Orange - a muted orange that dries to a rubber-like finish. It's incredibly chalky and streaky - three coats still didn't achieve completely even finish, plus it took ages to dry. The semi-matte sheen doesn't seem to suit the colour, and the whole thing just looks greasy. In the end, this shade of orange makes my hands look dirty and pale at the same time.
  • Sleek Rust 37 - a rusty, shimmery dark orange which dries super frosty and plain ugly. I bought it for a pound, and wore it only once,  so I can't even say how many coats this would take on its own. As with most super frosty polishes, dotting changes it from 'ugh' to 'wow', since all that heavy shimmer can just sit in one place.
Thanks for looking!

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