Sunday, 2 March 2014

FingerFood's Theme Weeks - Flowers

Polishes used: F.U.N. Lacquer Decentber and Stargazer 232

The first theme of March is, very appropriately, flowers. Edinburgh is starting to look like it's properly spring now, with crocuses on every lawn and some trees in bloom. The days are longer as well, and sunnier - so sunny that I'm getting direct light in my room, where I usually take my pictures. This situation was begging for some holographic goodness, and that's what I did for the challenge.

Stamped red and silver flowers
A friend of mine had recently gifted me a gorgeous silver chrome polish, Stargazer 232, and seeing how opaque it was I immediately thought about stamping with it. I gave it a trial dry run, and it looked awesome - so my manicure plan was complete. I started with two coats of the gorgeous red holographic Decentber on all but one fingers, and a single coat of the chrome 232 on my ring finger. Once everything was dry, I stamped over my ring finger with Decentber, and over my middle finger with Stargazer 232. I used the MoYou London Pro 06 plate, which has some amazing floral designs, and stamps like a dream. In the end, I sealed it all with Seche Vite - for some reason, it never smears my stamping design. When I applied it at first, it looked like it was dimming the intensity of the holo, but this passed once it dried and settled.

Holo and chrome madness in the sunlight.
I was considering stamping over all my fingers, but in the end I wanted to see more of the red holographic beauty uncovered. I loved wearing this manicure, but sadly, it chipped really fast - I'm not sure if that was my application error, or the drumming I had been doing that night...

Polishes I used:
  • F.U.N. Lacquer Decentber - a juicy red holographic polish. The colour is slightly desaturated by the holo dust, but it's nonetheless amazing deep red, with a mostly yellow-orange rainbow sparkle. Super easy to apply, I used two coats to achieve full colour depth, but a single coat was pretty much fully opaque on its own. It stamps pretty well, although for some reason the stamped lines lost their holo effect.
  • Stargazer 232 - a mirror-like silver chrome polish. It's opaque in a single coat and like most chromes it shows brush strokes so care is needed when applying. It's insanely shiny and reflective, dries almost instantly, and stamps like a dream come true. Because it dries so fast, you need to work quickly or risk the stamp not sticking to the nail, but the lines come out crisp and any bits that are not adhering can be tamed with some top coat. The best bit - Stargazer is a UK brand, and should be widely available!

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  1. great color selection. I love the accent nail so pretty :)

  2. Thanks! I was wavering between gold and silver for the stamping, but Decentber is slightly cool-leaning, so silver won.

  3. I like the Stargazer polish you have used! Nice manicure :-)

  4. These look so pretty - I love that red holo! Xx

  5. These are so so nice, love the colours!

    Can anyone join this group? I am interested in joining a weekly theme group :) xx

    1. You can join us at:

  6. This is really great! :) Nice job!

  7. very pretty I do like the color choice too :) xxx


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