Thursday, 6 March 2014

Golden Oldies Thursday - Skittle

Golden Oldies skittle manicure

The GOT challenge theme for this week was skittle, so I thought: I have quite a few polishes that are a year old or almost, and that could make a cool skittle, and I can do it early this time! Let's do this! Three ugly or ruined manicure attempts later, I was ready to give up. Apparently, there was a damn good reason why I haven't been using these polishes recently... Finally, yesterday I took another deep breath and dove into the blue end of my stash, coming up with three of my first blue polishes, and my first glitter topper.

Blue skittle with glitter gradients
I started by painting my nails with a mix of blue shimmers and a crème as a base layer. My index and pinky have a base of H&M Active Blue, my middle finger is wearing Seventeen Navy Glint, and on my ring finger is Orly Shockwave. I then sponged on a glitter gradient with Navy Glint onto my index finger, and topped each finger off with a gradient of an unnamed Color Club iridescent glitter. I bought it labelled as 'Snowflakes', but that one is meant to be a flakie, and I got a normal glitter one. A unicorn with a saddle to anyone who identifies this polish! The whole thing was sealed with Color Club top coat.

Look at the sparkly glitter!
I really need to start using the two blue shimmers more often - the Navy Glint espeically is stunning, with the warm navy base and plethora of silver particles. If definitely doesn't look like a £2.99 polish!

Polishes I used:
  • Orly Shockwave - a medium warm blue crème. Opaque in two coats, easy to apply and very shiny. It was the first Orly polish I bought, and the first high-end one as well! Lucky I got it at TK Max for a fraction of the price :)
  • Seventeen Navy Glint - a deep, warm navy shimmer with many silver particles. It's opaque in two easy coats, very easy to apply, quick to dry and looks absolutely stunning. This was my first Seventeen polish!
  • H&M Active Blue - electric blue shimmer in a deep blue base. Opaque in two thick, easy coats, super sparkly and great for layering. My first H&M polish - this seems to be a theme here!
  • Color Club glitter - small iridescent hexes in a goopy clear base. The hexes shift colour depending on point of view, and base colour and are super pretty - but the application kills any joy. The base is super goopy, and requires dabbing to get an even spread of glitter. The end results are lumpy because of how thick the base gets on the nails. I found that sponging it on had a much better effect, since the sponge soaks up most of the horrid base. The bottle I got is unlabeled, and was sold as a different polish, so if anyone has an idea what it is, let me know in the comments!
Thanks for looking!

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