Monday, 31 March 2014

Polish Party - Spring

This is a very busy end of the month for me - a blog post pretty much every day, and so much to do at home as well! For this month's Polish Party theme I decided to recreate a manicure by Fia that I saw on G+.

Polishes used: Color Club Lady Holiday, Barry M Key Lime Gelly and Nails Inc Burton Mews

I was unsure about the background colour at first, and was leaning towards a pale nude pink, but in the end the foggy weather we've had here for the past three days made me go with a grey colour that matches the sky and the stones.

Outlined leaves on a foggy sky.

I started with two coats of Color Club Lady Holiday, and once they were dry, I used my detail brush to draw on the leaf bobs with Key Lime Gelly. It was fairly thick, so while it provided good coverage, it was also a bit fiddly to apply - it may be in need of a few drops of polish thinner. Once the leaves were dry, I added the outlines and stems with the dark green Burton Mews.

Leafy tips
This was much trickier than I thought - getting the stems and veins right with my detailing brush required precision I'm still not in full possession of, and my end result is nowhere near as tidy as my inspiration. But it was a fun manicure to do, and the messiness of my lines was not visible in normal wear. I even got a few compliments for this manicure!

Polishes I used:
  • Color Club Lady Holiday - a warm-leaning pale grey crème, opaque in two easy coats. An excellent staple for nail art.
  • Barry M Key Lime Gelly - a saturated warm green crème, fairly thick in consistency and opaque in two coats. Because of its thickness, it can get a bit draggy when it starts to dry. But it's such a beautiful bright green, I cannot hold a grudge against it.
  • Nails Inc Burton Mews - a dark green crème, opaque in two coats and perfect for nail art.

Thanks for looking, and check out other Polish Party manicures below.

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  1. These look great! I love the simplicity! The colours work really well together too! :)


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