Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tri-Polish Tuesdays - March round one!

Polishes used: Hits Specialita Apollo, China Glaze When Starts Collide, Lilypad Lacquer Clover all over

 March has come, and with it a new set of colours for the Tri-Polish Tuesdays challenge - my favourite colours, in fact! My stash is filled with green, blue and purple, so I was eagerly awaiting this part of the challenge :D It's still sunny here in Scotland as well, so I whipped out my holos and set to work.
Stamped gradient with green, blue and purple holographic polishes
I started with two coats of Clover all over, a gorgeous cool green holo, and then sponged on a gradient of the deep blue Apollo. These two polishes have a somewhat different holo quality, with Apollo having a finer linear effect, while Clover has larger particles and more sparkle. I then used When Stars Collide to stamp an arabesque floral design from my trusty MoYou London Pro06 plate, and finished it off with Seche Vite.
Holographic gradient and stamping
Unfortunately, while the China Glaze polish stamped well, the transferred pattern had lost a lot of the holographic dust, and ended up looking rather dull in comparison to the base colours. I still love the effect - and just look at it in the sun!

Holographic gradient in the sun - rainbows like whoa!
This was definitely one of the best manicures I've worn, and I got many compliments from my friends.

Polishes I used:
  • Hits Specialita Apollo - intense blue with a holographic finish. I've not worn it alone yet, but it worked wonders for gradient work, and dried very fast.
  • China Glaze When Starts Collide - plum purple with a fine holographic effect. The first coat goes on streaky and draggy, so the second coat needs to sort of glide on - but once it's on, it's a gorgeous polish. Dries fast, stamps well and isn't extinguished by a topcoat.
  • Lilypad Lacquer Clover all over - a beautiful cool green with serious holographic sparkle action. It's a bit sheer, and the first coat looks patchy, but a medium-thick second coat fixes all flaws. Easy to apply, but it took a good while to be fully dry.
Thanks for looking, and check out other challenge manicures below!


  1. Beautiful! These are truly lovely. I love a glittery gradient, and it may have actually worked in your favor that the purple lost some of the holo pigment, because it helps stand out more.

  2. Love holos! The look is great, especially in the sun!

    1. Thanks! :) I couldn't stop staring at them in the sun!


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