Thursday, 13 March 2014

Golden Oldies Thursday - Purple

Up until this morning, I wasn't sure if I would create a manicure for this prompt - but then I found out the two polishes I had in mind were good for stamping! My MoYou London XL stamper arrived just yesterday, and I spent the entire day stamping away, getting used to the super squishy surface and trying out different polishes. So, how could I resist?

Rimmel Hot List

The base for this manicure is Rimmel Hot List - a dusty purple with a hidden shimmer that only comes out to play in direct sunlight. Incidentally, this is one of the first three polishes I'd ever bought! I must say I was very chuffed with myself when I found out later it's a dupe for Chanel Paradoxal. Nail newbie me had good taste!

Rimmel Hot List
I love this colour - it works very well with my skin tone, and it started my passion for dusty purples.

I then picked up my other oldie Rimmel - Trend Spotting, and stamped over my base with MoYou London Pro Collection 04. Trend Spotting a saturated warm purple with some shimmer visible in the bottle, but never on the nail.

Rimmel Trend Spotting stamped over Rimmel Hot List.
Trend Spotting was very good for stamping - it's slow to dry, and nicely opaque. Any problems with the stamping were due to my limited abilities rather than any issues with the polish or plates. However, it stains the cuticles, so the cleanup is really annoying.

Overall, I like this look - the monochrome stamping is subtle, and the two shades play off each other very well.

Polishes I used:
  • Rimmel Trend Spotting- saturated dark plum purple, opaque in two coats but super slow to fully dry. The pudding-like consistency and slow drying time made it perfect for stamping, since the pattern didn't just fully dry on the plate or the stamper before I managed to transfer it onto my nail. It's sadly a bit of a pain to clean up.
  • Rimmel Hot List - a gorgeous dusty purple with a brighter purple hidden shimmer. Opaque in two easy coats (the wide maxi brush Rimmel has is perfect for my wide nails), but also fairly slow to dry. It would be a great stamping polish over lighter shades!

Thanks for looking, and check out other Golden Oldie manicures below!


  1. These look great! I think I need to practice stamping, yours are really neat and tidy, I haven't mastered doing it yet :) x

    1. A good stamper and polish work wonders! I also find that looking at the stamper to see if the picked up pattern is crisp helps - why transfer a poorly stamped design, when you can just wipe the stamper and try again?


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