Saturday, 22 March 2014

Pahlish - This Song is Ending

Recently I've managed to buy a few polishes from the Pahlish Doctor Who collection at Rainbow Connection. I've been eyeing this collection since it was announced, and I guess many others have as well - when I shopped three hours after the launch, one of the polishes I wanted was already sold out. No worries, though, as I still managed to get my hands on a few beauties!

Pahlish - This Song is Ending with top coat.

Today I will be showing you This Song is Ending - a teal beauty with chunky copper particles. I am a huge lover of teal polishes - along with blue and green these represent over 1/3rd of my stash! Did I hesitate when getting this one? Nah!

Pahlish - This Song is Ending with top coat
The colour of this polish is very saturated and balanced in terms of warm/cool. The copper shimmer seems more visible in the bottle than on the nails, but it's there, and it adds a special spark to this shade. It's definitely a unique polish in my stash!

Pahlish - This Song is Ending

In terms of application, this could be a one coater - it's insanely pigmented - although I went with two coats for the photos. The polish is on the runny side, but it behaves well on the nail and doesn't flood the cuticles. My only issue with the application was that I had were sparse bits of what looked to be unmixed pigment,which ended up as tiny lumps on the nail. I was able to avoid them, or cover them up with top coat, so it's not a huge issue, but still. The drying time was excellent. But beware - this beauty stains! I had doubled up on base coat, and while my nails ended up reasonably unstained, my fingers looked like I had been crushing smurfs with my bare hands, and it took me two days of washing and toothpaste brushing to fully clear my cuticles and fingers.

But how can I hold this against a polish that is named after the goodbye given to the 10th Doctor?

Thanks for looking, and check out what the British Bloggers have been up to this week!

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